It Does a Body Good

Once upon a time massage was reserved for the elite.  No longer.  It’s for everyone, from your first breath to your last.  It’s not just about feeling good it’s about healing and wellness mind body and spirit.

In today’s chaotic go-go-go world time out is a must to maintain our sanity.  An hour respite from the demands of our parents, children, bosses.

Lymphatic Drainage

The science of massage

A study at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center showed that a Swedish Massage decreased cortisol levels to normal up for up to two weeks following the massage.  Cortisol is a hormone that when we’re chased by a bear is useful.  But in our stressed overload culture the constantly elevated cortisol levels are the cause of most diseases of our civilization including heart disease, cancers and even diabetes.

And what about the mind?

Conversation is minimal during a massage.  This allows you to reach a place of stillness, similar to what is obtained during meditation.  This allows the mind and brain reset.


Mind Body Spirit

Massage reunites you with the person that you are meant to be.  The person that we need in the world.  Peaceful.  Kind.  and Loved.

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